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Having the proper equipment is crucial for any job site. When you need new pipelayers to support your next construction, utility or oil and gas job in South Carolina, Blanchard Machinery Company can help. We offer new pipelayers to make placing pipes safe and efficient.

What Are Pipelayers?

Pipelayers are industrial machines used by skilled tradesmen to lay gas, water or oil pipes. The term is also associated with the trained professionals performing pipelaying work.

The machines are integral to the pipelining industry, allowing workers to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. Pipes used in the pipelining industry are cumbersome and heavy, making them challenging to move by hand, so using machines makes it easier to complete installation.

Pipelayer machines have a long arm attachment that fastens to the pipes to transport and lay them in their respective trenches or another designated area. This equipment makes construction sites more efficient and productive.

Types of Pipelayers

You can consider a few types of pipelayers to help you complete pipelaying jobs. The different types include:

  • Crawler pipelayers: A crawler pipelayer has special tracks used for moving on various kinds of terrains. The tracks provide the surface area and structure the machine needs to stand upright.
  • Sideboom pipelayers: A sideboom pipelayer is an excellent option for jobs that require more flexibility. The arm on a sideboom has more rotation, with some having the ability to rotate 360 degrees.
  • Wheel-mounted pipelayers: A wheel-mounted pipelayer has wheels instead of tracks. The wheels provide steady movement when the machines travel on flat or paved roads and job sites.

Benefits of Using Pipelayers

Adding new pipelayers to your fleet can improve production, making it more efficient and effective by providing workers with upgraded tools to complete their jobs. Other benefits of pipelayer machines include:

  • Comfortable cabs: The machine’s cab has ergonomic controls and features to make maneuvering the equipment more effortless for the operator. The mechanisms have a fast response control to help operators be productive.
  • Easy and reliable operation: The right pipelayer will provide reliable services for your workers, making it easy to move around and perform jobs.
  • Safety features: Pipelayer machines often have built-in safety features to ensure operators keep themselves and those on the job site safe. Some may have a rearview camera in the cab, adding greater visibility.
  • Multiple functionalities: While the primary capability of a pipelayer machine is to lay pipes, construction sites may also use the machines to help handle and transport other materials. If the machine has additional attachments, it could also be used for trenching.
  • Latest technology: When you rent or buy new pipelayers, you gain access to machines with the latest technology. Working with machines with the most recent technical updates can help your team be more productive. It also helps make operations safer because the machines will have components with better safety features.

Why Buy or Rent Pipelayers From Blanchard Machinery Company?

When adding a new pipelayer to your fleet, rent or purchase it from a trusted dealer like Blanchard Machinery Company. We carry construction equipment from the top brands in the industry to ensure your team has dependable machines to use during each job. Discover Cat® pipelayers that can help enhance your work site.

Whether you buy or rent pipelayers from Blanchard Machinery Company, you experience top-notch customer service. Our team can help you get equipment when and where you need it. They will work with you to learn about the specifications and number of machines you need to complete the job.

When you get your pipelayer from us, you can be confident that the machine is in excellent condition. We perform routine maintenance and condition checks to ensure they work properly.

Request a Quote for a Pipelayer at Blanchard Machinery Company

If you are ready to replace or add new Cat pipelayers to your construction fleet, come to Blanchard Machinery Company. We will help you get the necessary equipment to complete your jobs smoothly and efficiently. We carry high-quality tools and machinery so our clients can get the best products for their operations.

Learn about the new pipelayers in our inventory by requesting a quote and speaking with a company representative.