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2018 Cat 316FL

Price: $119,850

  • Location Summerville, SC

    Current Hours2643

  • Serial # YDL20343


  • Unit NumberPG000618


Unit Number : PG000618

Model 316FL

Serial Number YDL20343

Year 2018

Hours 2643

City Summerville

State SC

Country US

Rating Fair

Certification Caterpillar Certified

Price $119,850

  • - Changer,hand Ctrl 2-way (ansi)
  • Air Conditioner
  • Camera, Rear View, Mirrors(rh)
  • Car Body - Standard
  • Connectivity Source - Product Link
  • Erops
  • Guard, Track Guiding, Center
  • Hatch, Openable Roof (dual)
  • Joystick Std Pkg
  • Lighting
  • Mirrors
  • Online Owner's Manual
  • Protection 12mo/1000hr Powertrain & Hydraulics
  • Radio - Am Fm Radio
  • Seat, H-back, W/heater,s/air
  • Straight Travel Pedal

Cleaning Required No

Extra Fuel Tanks No

S.O.S. Taken No

Bumper Fair

Car Body Good

Catwalk Good

Counterweight Good

Crankcase Guard / Battery Box Good

Decals Fair

Draw Bar Good

Eng. Enclose Hood / Stack Good

Engine Doors Fair

Fenders Good

Fiberglass Good

Fuel Tank Good

Grab Irons Fair

Hood Good

Main Frame Welds Good

Paint Fair

Plastic Good

Radiator Grill & Shroud Good

Sheet Metal Fair

Steps / Ladder Fair

Cab Guards No


Safety Decals In Place Yes

Safety Decals Legible Yes

Brake Hold Good

Horn Good

Swing Brake Good

Back Up Alarm Yes

Current O&MM No

Current Parts Manual No

Current Safety Manual No

ROPS Certification Plate Yes

Air Conditioner Good

Dash Console Good

Door Latches Good

Floor Boards Good

Gauges Good

Glass/Mirrors Good

Heater Good

Interior Lights Good

Meter Good

Product Link Good

Seat Belt Fair

Seat Cushion / Arm Rest Good

Switches Good

Windshield Wipers Good

Knocking No

Oil Leaks No

Water in Oil No

Belts / Pulleys Good

Fuel Injection System Good

Governor Good

Turbocharger / Blower Good

Coolers Good

Fan Good

Radiator Good

Water Pump Good

Block Heater No

Ether Aid No

Alternator Good

Batteries / Cables Good

Lighting Good

Starter Good

Wiring Good

Boom Cylinder Good

Bucket Cylinder Good

Control Linkage Good

Hose Lines Good

Hydraulic Swivel Good

Operating Condition - HYDRAULICS Good

Pump Drive Good

Pumps & Valves Good

Stick Cylinder Good

Swing Gear Good

Swing Motors Good

Tank Good

Travel Motors Good

Boom Condition Good

Boom Pins Good

Pins & Bushings - BOOM Good

Pins & Bushings - STICK Good

Stick Conditions Good

Stick Pins Good

Quick Coupler No

Bucket Bottom Fair

Bucket Linkage Good

Bucket Mounts Good

Bucket Sides Good

Teeth / Adapters Good

Track Frame - Left Good

Track Frame - Right Good

Track Shoes (Width) Left: 27 1/2 inches Measurement, Right: 27 1/2 inches Measurement

Housings Good

Planetaries / Diff Good



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