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MEC500 – Mobile Equipment Charger

MEC500 – Mobile Equipment Charger

A first of its kind for the mining industry, the Cat® MEC500 Mobile Equipment Charger is a standalone fast charging system designed to charge quickly and safely wherever it’s needed.

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Rated Power (AC Input)500 kW

Voltage Range (AC Input)400-660 VAC

Frequency Range50 or 60 Hz

Input Supply (AC Input)3-Phase Insulated Terra (IT)

Voltage Output300-1,000 VDC

Rated Current (DC Output)700 Amps

Cable Output - Cat Proprietary Connector700 Amp

Ambient Operating Temperature Range-25° to +50° C (-13° to 122° F)

Storage-40° to +80° C (-40° to +176° F)

Control InterfaceCAN

Control TypeIEC 61851-23/24 (with CAN)

Compliance and SafetyCSA M421; UL2202 (under development)


MEC500 with Optional Skid4490lb



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