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GB120 Grader Blade with Wings and Smart Technology

GB120 Grader Blade with Wings and Smart Technology

Cat® Smart Grader Blade attachments are for cutting, moving and grading dirt, gravel, sand and virtually any other material used as a base. The smart grader blade is an industry first bringing cross slope to D3 Skid Steer Loader and Compact Track Loader platforms.

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Overall Width84.6in

Blade Width78in

Width - Fully Angled90.2in

Optimal Hydraulic Flow50-86 lpm (13-23 gpm)

Optimal Hydraulic Pressure180-230 bar (2600-3340 psi)

Required HydraulicsStandard Flow w/14 pin

Overall Length88.4in

Overall Height with Masts104.4in

Overall Height41.2in


Tilt Angle Range +/-15 degrees

Maximum Blade Angle - Right/Left of Center15 degrees

Blade Height17in

Maximum Cutting Edge Clearance6in

Ground Clearance6in

Maximum Cutting Depth4in

Interface TypeSkid Steer Coupler

Working Width (Wings Closed)84.6in

Working Width (Wings Open)81.3in

Wing Rotation205 degrees



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