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C175-16 Generator Set

C175-16 Generator Set

Caterpillar is leading the power generation marketplace with Power Solutions engineered to deliver unmatched flexibility, expandability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

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Standby Rating3100(no fan)/3000 kVA

Prime Power Rating2825(no fan)/2725 kVA

Emissions/Fuel StrategyLow Fuel, Low Emissions

Voltage380 to 11000 Volts

Frequency50 Hz

Speed1500 rpm

Duty CycleStandby, Mission Critical, Prime, Continuous

Maximum Rating3100 kVA

Minimum Rating2500 kVA

Engine ModelC175-16 SCAC, V-16, 4-Stroke Water-Cooled Diesel




Compression Ratio16.7:1

AspirationTurbo Aftercooled

Fuel SystemCommon Rail

Governor TypeADEM� A4

Length - Minimum241.6in

Length - Maximum311in

Width - Minimum83in

Width - Maximum108.5in

Height - Minimum87in

Height - Maximum130.2in

Dry Weight - Genset (minimum)42750lb

Dry Weight - Genset (maximum)50750lb


4 x Single element canister with service indicator(s)


Single element air cleaner

Dual element air cleaner

Air inlet adapters

Air inlet protection



Volts (L-L & L-N)

Engine cycle crank

Power Factor (per phase & average)



Emergency stop

2 Programmable relay outputs (Form C)

6 Programmable digital inputs

2 Programmable digital outputs

Environmental sealed front face.

DC Volts

Reverse power

Programmable Protective Relaying Functions

High coolant temperature

Accessory module data link

Low coolant level

Over / under frequency

Amps (per phase & average)

True RMS AC metering, 3-phase, +/-2% accuracy

Low coolant temperature

Reverse Reactive Power


Oil pressure (psi, kPa or bar)

Lamp test

Coolant temperature

Warning / shutdown Indicators

4 Programmable relay outputs (Form A)

Alarm acknowledge

Generator phase sequence

24 Volt DC operation

Serial annunciator module data link

Customer data link (Modbus RTU)

Failure to start (overcrank)

Auto / start / stop control.

Low oil pressure


Text alarm / event descriptions.

Digital Indicators

Generator mounted - rear facing

Emergency stop pushbutton

Engine cool-down timer.

Operating hours

Over / under voltage


Frequency (Hz)


EMCP 4.3, EMCP 4.4

EMCP 4.4 optional harness

EMCP and MV&HV power connection locations

Load share module

EMCP mounting location - LV / MV

Customer AC-DC connection mounting location - LV/MV

Load share module / auxiliary plate and auxiliary box (LV)

Load share governor

Frame boxes

Automatically selected ground

EMCP voltage and current sensing groups

Raise lower switch

Speed adjust

Annunciator modules

Customer interface options

Generator temperature monitoring

Modbus monitoring of packages


Interconnect harness

Generator Harness


Radiator group - shipped loose

SCAC cooling

Coolant Sensors

Coolant drain line and valves

Fan and belt guards


Package mounted radiator

Remote radiators

Fuel cooler


Bolted flange, with bellow for each turbo

Dry Exhaust Manifold


Front housing - Standby or mission critical

Front housing - Prime or continuous

Exhaust collectors / Manifold

Exhaust support group


Weld flanges

Aftercooler drain


Filters x 3

Secondary / Tertiary fuel filters

10 Micron Spin On Type

4 Micron Spin On Type

Primary fuel filter water / fuel water separator

Engine mounted filters X3


Primary fuel filter


6 Leads

IEC platinum stator RTDs

Voltage regulator

Reactive droop capability

3 Phase voltage sensing

RFI suppression

Min / max exciter limiter

exciter diode monitor

Form Wound

Permanent magnet

NEMA Class H insulation

Class H temperature rise at 40C ambient

(LV) Busbar connections, top/center mounted, top cable entry

3 Phase Brushless

Salient pole

50 Hz models: IEC standard hole pattern

(MV) Busbar connections, right side extension box, bottom cable entry

Anti condensation space heater

Class F temperature rise at 40C ambient

Right side extension box, bottom cable entry



Redundant shutdown (Overspeed protection through a duplicate speed sensing system)


Gear type lube oil pump

Lubricating oil

Fumes disposal

Integral lube oil cooler

Oil drain lines and valve

Oil filter, filler and dipstick

Prelube - required with prime, continuous, and standby


Lube oil heater

Drain group oil pans

Lubricating oil

Electric prelube pumps

Oil filters


Rubber anti-vibration mounts (shipped loose)

Battery disconnect switch

Batteries and battery rack w/cables

Dual 24 volt electric starting motors

Rails - Engine / generator


Two PM inspections




Paint - Caterpillar yellow with high gloss black rails & radiator

Right hand service

Flywheel and flywheel housing-SAE No. 00

SAE standard rotation


Special paint colors

Service tools - Engine barring group

Barring group manual

Engine barring air powered

Control GP - Air powered bar group


Explosive relief valves

Crankcase ventilation system


Low voltage - 1800 and 3000 Frames - 50 Hz, 3 phase, 1500 rpm, FW, PM, No of leads=6, Pitch 0.6667

Medium Voltage - 1800 and 3000 Frames - 50 Hz, 3 phase, 1500 rpm, FW, PM, No of leads=6, Pitch 0.6667

Low Voltage - 1800 and 3000 Frames - 60 Hz, 3 phase, 1800 rpm, FW, PM, No of leads=6, Pitch 0.6667

Space heater kit

Thermostat for space heater

Conversion GP-Top cable entry

Generator air intake

Differential current transformers


Pyrometer and thermocouples


Rubber anti-vibration mounts

Spring type linear vibration isolators

IBC vibration isolators - Shipped loose


Center post busbars (LV)

Side / Rear mounted busbars (LV)

Harnesses (Breaker)

Cable entry options (LV)

Enclosures - Control packaging (LV)

Power connection covers (LV)

Neutral ground (LV)

1800 Frame generators circuit breaker

Masterpack breakers

Paralleling circuit breakers

1800 Frame generator side / rear mounted busbars (MV)

Cable entry options (MV)

Neutral ground (MV)

Low voltage connection cable

Masterpack breaker connections


Generator test report

PGS test report @ 1.0 power factor

PGS test report @ 0.8 power factor

Standard genset TVA (Torsional Vibration Analysis) report

Custom genset TVA report

Special test charge - Engine only

Genset fuel consumption test

Standard engine test charge

IBC seismic certification

OSCOSH1 seismic certification


24 Volt power distribution box

24 Volt electric starting motors

Air starting motor

Air pressure regulator

Starter location covers

24 Volt battery sets - Dry

Heavy duty battery sets with rack

20 Amp battery chargers

35 Amp battery chargers

50 Amp battery chargers

Charging alternators - Dry

Jacket water heaters

Jacket water heater wiring groups



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