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SW360, 100 mm (4 in) Wheel Saw

SW360, 100 mm (4 in) Wheel Saw

Cat® Wheel Saws are designed for high performance trench cutting on a variety of hard or compact surfaces such as asphalt, reinforced concrete, and rocky or frozen ground.

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Maximum Cutting Depth23.6in

Wheel Width3.9in


Overall Width65.2in

Overall Height69.5in


Required HydraulicsHigh Flow XPS

Optimal Hydraulic Flow98-125 L/min (26-33 gpm)

Optimal Hydraulic Pressure230-280 bar (3300-4000 psi)

Motor Displacement102.9in³/rev

Wheel Torque at Maximum Pressure5538.4lb/ft

Wheel Speed at Maximum Flow74 RPM

Bit Speed at Maximum Flow1181.1ft/min

Conical Bits - Per Wheel80

Standard Bit TypeConcrete

Optional Bit TypeAll Purpose

Side Shift Travel21.7in

Trench Cleaning DeviceYes

Drive MethodDirect Drive

Interface TypeSkid Steer Coupler



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